5 Quick Tips to Maintain Paw Quality

A litany of paw problems awaits you if you have damp poultry litter. Treatment is simple thankfully, and paw quality can be maintained if you follow these five easy steps from day one.

  1. Clean drinker lines between flocks to remove scale and bio-film build up that contributes to leaking drinkers.
  2. Pre-heat for 48 hours to achieve a floor temperature of at least 94°F evenly across the entire litter surface and 2-3 inches deep into the litter.
  3. Apply PLT® (Poultry Litter Treatment) at the proper rate for the litter age to neutralize ammonia that burns paws during brooding.
  4. Measure relative humidity every morning during brooding and adjust ventilation as needed to maintain a relative humidity between 50-70% for the first two weeks after placement.
  5. Maintain proper water pressure during brooding so that drinkers don’t leak due to excessive pressure.