Safely Control
Ammonia at Anytime

PLT Poultry Litter Treatment

PLT is the Only Litter Treatment Safe Enough to Apply Mid Flock

PLT is made of sodium bisulfate, an all-natural, dry mineral acid that can be applied any time during grow-out. It’s the only litter amendment safe to apply with birds in the house.

Can Support Short Downtimes

When there’s little time between flocks, PLT delivers safe, effective ammonia control

Safe To Consume

General recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA for human foods and animal feeds


PLT is non-hazardous per U.S. Department of Transportation definition

Qualifies for use in EPA Safer Choice-labeled products

PLT is listed on the EPA Safer Choice chemical list under antimicrobial and Processing Aids and Additives.

Flexible Application

Jones-Hamilton Co. has a network of professional applicators who can apply PLT pre-placement or to the dirt pad in between flocks. If professional application isn’t the right option, PLT can be applied using any kind of spreader – tractor, cyclone, ATV-mounted, push or even hand applied for spot treatment – at any time (even mid-flock!).

Any house, any species, any time

PLT can be used in any litter-based commercial poultry operation including those that grow broilers, breeders, turkeys, commercial pullets and layers, quail, pheasants and ducks.

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