Applicator Service Maximizes Ammonia Control, Improves Litter Management

As turkey and broiler producers continue to battle rising feed costs, the impact of ammonia and tight profit margins, the Jones-Hamilton Agricultural Division is helping them strike back with litter management education and application services.

For a nominal fee, Jones-Hamilton certified applicators work with producers to properly prepare their poultry houses and apply PLT®—the most effective and economical litter acidifier available. 

“We have actually offered our application service since 2000, but as more and more poultry growers shift from whole house clean-outs to ongoing litter management it has really grown in popularity,” said Business Development Manager, Blake Gibson. “Producers understand the bottom-line impact proper litter management can make and they’re seeking out every resource to help them improve. We’re renewing our education efforts to ensure they get the biggest bang for their buck.” 

Considering that ammonia is the most common cause of performance loss in terms of body weight gain and feed conversion, with levels as low as 25 PPM equating to a $209 financial loss per house over a 7 week grow-out, ammonia control weighs heavily on producers’ minds. The Jones-Hamilton application service and education tools, which include on-farm support as well as online articles, are designed to maximize the effectiveness of PLT®, thereby relieving that stress. Proper application and ammonia purge also maximizes the fuel savings related to PLT®. 

“Showing producers how to prepare their houses and correctly applying PLT® for them goes a long way toward efficient ammonia control and litter management,” said Gibson. 

The application service, which is currently being utilized by 70% of Jones-Hamilton customers, is available from Oklahoma and Texas to the Delmarva region. Contact your regional representative to schedule a consultation. 

Our proud applicator partners are:

Dan Allen, (256) 339-3658

Mike Sullivan, (205) 375-9678

Akerman Trucking, LLC, Laurel, MS; (601) 498-3579

C&A Poultry, San Augustine, TX; (936) 275-5143 

CPS, Pittsburg, TX; (903) 855-0481 

David Kent Enterprises, Simsboro, LA; (318) 548-0007 

D&D Poultry, Marquez, TX; (903) 529-1244