Employee Engagement an Important Part of Product Traceability at Jones-Hamilton Co.

PLT is available in 50 lb bags or 2,000 lb super sacks

Product traceability plays an important role at Jones-Hamilton Co. While some companies may just pay lip service to the endeavor, we make sure every employee understands its importance and how their specific job contributes to the traceability of sodium bisulfate in all the various industries and applications it is used.

For employees in our Richburg, SC, plant, who focus solely on the manufacture and distribution of PLT® litter amendment, that means seeing first hand where the product is used.

Richburg Plant Manager, William Gist, commented, company leadership places a priority on our understanding of where and how PLT® is used. “Plant employees have visited customer farms

to see where the product they make is used. We were able to see how fast PLT® shows results, which was amazing. It is one reason my team gives 110% to get the job done.” Gist went on to say that it is another way Jones-Hamilton Co. shows they care about their employees. “They want us to be involved in decision making and understand the direction the company is headed.”

Billy Martin, Quality Control, went on to say that Jones-Hamilton is “different than anywhere else I’ve worked. We have a strong family-vibe and the company clearly operates in a way that puts employee safety and the environment first.” Martin commented that his understanding of the use and importance of PLT for poultry producers strengthens his dedication to his job.

Marquis McCain, Lead Material Handler

Marquis McCain, Lead Material Handler, has been empowered by the environment at Jones-Hamilton. “I started as a material handler and am now the Lead. As I’ve grown with the company I’ve gained a better understanding to the difference I’m making for poultry farmers.” McCain’s professional growth, combined with the feeling that he’s part of something greater, made him comment that, “I’m here for whatever the company needs.”

The Jones-Hamilton Richburg plant recently hosted the annual employee luncheon and informational session to give all plant employees an understanding of

the company’s financial standing. As an employee-owned company, this event is one more way Jones-Hamilton makes employee engagement a priority. Company President, Bernie Murphy; CFO, Brian Brooks; CAO, Kim Sosko; and Chuck Almroth, Director, Manufacturing and Engineering, spoke on company performance and future expectations.