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Ammonia: Understand the Lifecycle, Reduce the Challenge

By diciembre 20, 2018News, PLT

In poultry production, ammonia is an inescapable reality.


Left unmanaged, ammonia can wreak havoc on bird performance, animal welfare, worker safety, and the nutrient value of litter. To understand ammonia, you must first understand the role of nitrogen in poultry production and how pH manipulation, microbial replication, moisture and temperature can be leveraged to:

• decrease ammonium and ammonia gas volatilization
• maximize the fertilizer value of litter through nitrogen retention

Check out our infographic for an easy understanding of this complicated process.

Turn Understanding into Action

Understanding ammonia generation and the nitrogen lifecycle is only half of the battle. Fortunately, turning your insight into positive action is as easy as applying PLT® – poultry litter treatment.

PLT safely lowers litter pH, which is 8.5 on average, down to around 2.0 and chemically binds ammonia and ammonium into ammonium sulfate, a non-reversible process. As ammonia generation decreases, nitrogen content increases–creating nitrogen fertilizer PAN (plant available nitrogen) sources that are readily available for plant root uptake. Reap the benefits of pH manipulation. Contact your Jones-Hamilton litter expert now.

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