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Bailing Technology Simplifies Transport of Poultry Litter for Fertilizer

By febrero 23, 2012PLT

In late 2011, the University of Arkansas cited the rising value of poultry litter as a fertilizer. Compared to commercial phosphorus-potassium-nitrogen fertilizer sources, the cost for poultry litter is a bargain, especially when you consider the fact that chicken litter analysis reveals an average concentration of 67-60-60 lbs of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium per ton.

However, compared to other fertilizers, poultry litter is more difficult and expensive to transport and store. A new technology is offering an affordable solution for producers seeking to leverage every financial opportunity on their farms. These specially designed bailing systems:

• Contain odor and ammonia from poultry litter
• Significantly reduce transportation costs from spreader truck or trailer ($3.65 per mile vs $1.85 per mile bailed)
• Provide 18 months of outdoor storage with impacting the environment

Read the full story on WattAgNet now and contact your Jones-Hamilton Ag representative to discuss how to make your poultry litter more valuable as a fertilizer.