How can an effective footbath help my profitability?

Economic analysis of dairy cow foot health has estimated that lameness can result in a 30% loss in milk production returns per cow. Use of ParlorPal in footbaths costs only pennies per cow.

Why does it matter what I put in my footbath?

Many of the products used in footbaths are selected from “customary practices”. Copper sulfate and zinc sulfate are not labeled for footbath application – they have become widely used because no effective alternative products were available, until now.

Why should I trust that ParlorPal is safe?

ParlorPal has been used in Western U. S. dairies for over 8 years. ParlorPal is manufactured in our plant in Walbridge, Ohio to ISO 9000 quality standards to assure composition and content. ParlorPal is classified as non-hazardous and is used in animal feeds and for human consumption. University trials have confirmed the safety of ParlorPal used as a footbath or in bedding applications.

Why use ParlorPal in place of acidified copper sulfate (ACS)?

“ACS” is a blend of copper sulfate and citric acid, a weak carbon-chain acid. The “citric acid-copper” product cannot maintain footbath pH at critical levels. Also, heavy metals (copper or zinc) can still accumulate in your lagoon.

Is ParlorPal safe for the environment?

The major component in ParlorPal is composed of sodium, hydrogen and sulfur (no heavy metals).

How does ParlorPal’s cost compare to copper sulfate?

Copper sulfate’s cost varies greatly as does availability. Depending on current pricing for copper sulfate, ParlorPal may cost only 1/3 as much.

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