From the Field: Insight on Advantages of PLT Application Service

By November 29, 2017News, PLT

By Nick Smith
Territory Manager for Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma

The effectiveness of PLT at reducing ammonia levels and lowering litter pH is widely known throughout the poultry industry. The introduction of professional PLT application services over the past several years has made it possible to further maximize performance of PLT and improve customer service to all levels of the poultry production cycle.

PLT’s capability to reduce ammonia in poultry houses allows the producer to create an environment with very good air quality, especially during the critical early brooding stage of the production cycle, a stage when higher house temperatures are needed without over-ventilating the poultry house. The reduction in ammonia allows the producer to provide excellent animal husbandry with reduced utility cost and a more profitable result.

PLT’s capability to lower the pH of litter, as well as the surface of the dirt pad, has also improved poultry producer outcomes. Lowering the pH creates an unfavorable environment for many disease-causing organisms. The reduction of these organisms reduces the likelihood that the poultry flock will experience bacterial-type infections, which can be devastating to the producer’s profitability.

“Professional PLT applicators make PLT available at a more cost-effective price.”

Why Use Applicators?

An applicator applies PLT to the dirt pad of this broiler house.

Professional PLT applicators make PLT available at a more cost-effective price. Applicators make a significant investment in equipment to receive and precisely apply PLT. They also provide a level of service to each poultry company and producer that would not be possible through other supply methods.

Professional PLT applicators allow integrators to create guidelines for PLT application and usage—guidelines most beneficial for each particular operation that ensure confidence a given program can be followed throughout the entire complex.

Benefits to the poultry producer include:

  • the ability to schedule PLT application without transporting product to their farm, or purchasing and maintaining application equipment.
  • the on-farm contact with whom the professional PLT applicator communicates provides valuable feedback on the needs and concerns of poultry producers. Their communication allows us to stay abreast of each producer’s litter amendment needs and to provide programs that will meet them.