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Cipher FAQs

By November 12, 2015

How should Cipher be handled in the mill?

Cipher should be handled just like salt. Care should be taken to keep the product dry and equipment should be flushed with grain or meal. The product may be added to the mixer by hand, micro machine or through the minor ingredient scale.

What is the proper inclusion rate?

Broilers – 4-8 lbs./ton of feed in all rations
Turkeys – 6 lbs./ton of feed in all rations

Research has shown a rate of 4-8 lbs./ton of feed provides the greatest return for the first 28-30 days in broilers. Cipher is recommended for use throughout the grow-out for biological challenges and ammonia control in Cornish hens, small or large birds. A rate of up to 6 lbs./ton through 12 weeks is recommended for turkey toms or hens.

Can Cipher be used in antibiotic free programs?

Yes, Cipher is considered a natural product and is recognized as GRAS.