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Jones-Hamilton Launches New Litter Management Mobile App

By November 29, 2017LS-PWT2, Noticias, PLT, PWT

The Jones-Hamilton Company Agricultural Division recently launched a new mobile app, PLT pHacts, designed to help customers optimize the effectiveness of their litter and water treatment products, PLT® and LS-PWT2®, and support their overall litter and water management programs.

“Today’s litter is a highly diversified, enriched environment that is always changing and it requires a customized management approach that words best for each producer’s litter and flocks,” said Blake Gibson, Senior Accounts Manager at Jones-Hamilton. “That means producers can be faced with uncertainty in the best ways to manage it. Our app makes it easy for them to understand how PLT rates should be adjusted based on the current condition of their litter.”

As the first mobile app to support optimum litter management, calculators within PLT pHacts guide users through a series of questions about their litter, house conditions and other variables to provide a customized application rate. A second calculator provides customized addition rates of the water acidification product LS-PWT2 based on a producer’s water management goal, and incoming water pH and alkalinity.

“Our intention was to give producers the support and resources they need to simplify litter and water management,” said Gibson. In addition to the calculators, the app provides on-the-go access to product data sheets with detailed instructions on house preparation and product application procedures. “House preparation steps like ventilation, decaking and pre-heating are vital to optimize the performance of PLT and gain the maximum benefits for birds. By giving producers access to these instructions on their mobile devices we hope to support consistent, effective procedures.”

The PLT pHacts app also provides easy access to the latest resources from Jones-Hamilton, including articles, videos and news, and connects users to their online store to order litter management tools. The app is currently available for download on the Apple App store and Google Play store.