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Safely Control Ammonia Mid-Flock

By February 11, 2021News, PLT

The Scenario

Birds are 3-4 days old and ammonia has spiked to 40 PPM+.

What can you do?

PLT® is the only litter amendment that can be safely applied on top of birds anytime throughout the grow-out cycle to eliminate ammonia.

Unlike alum-based products that are hazardous and corrosive, PLT® is safe for birds, workers and the environment.


Alum-based amendments

Non-hazardous and non-corrosive
Hazardous and corrosive
Requires DOT placarding
Qualifies for use in EPA Safer Choice-labeled products
NOT approved by EPA as a Safer Choice product
Safe and free of heavy metals and toxins
Contains aluminum
Can be applied any time during grow-out, even on birds; safe to consume
Cannot be applied during grow-out; application must be complete 3-5 days before bird placement because of liquid sulfuric acid (liquid) and possibility of aluminum inhalation (dry)

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