New Tagline Adopted by Jones-Hamilton Agricultural Division

The Jones-Hamilton Company recently announced the adoption of a new tagline for their Agricultural Division, We Know pH Matters, as well as a recently updated corporate logo.

As a company driven by science since its inception, Jones-Hamilton advises customers based on the understanding that pH changes everything when it comes to the management of poultry litter and water, processing water and feed additives. The use of sodium bisulfate (SBS)—a dry, mineral acid that is GRAS and capable of handling both simple and complex pH management requirements—has changed environmental management for live production for over 20 years.

Decades of experience and extensive research has shown the Jones-Hamilton team how a reduction of pH affects litter ecology, air quality, ammonia, waterline management, water consumption and more—and how that, in turn, influences bird performance.

The effects of SBS use in everything from poultry house floors to feed are well documented in extensive research and academic field studies—efforts that Jones-Hamilton has proudly supported over the years. Further, internal research conducted by Jones-Hamilton staff, combined with decades of experience in live production, has enabled the company to effectively advise customers on all matters related to pH. The end result is a complete understanding of the role of pH. Hence, We Know pH Matters.