Optimum bird performance and welfare demands an environment with limited stressors. While others have tried, PLT®-Poultry Litter Treatment is the only amendment with a 25-year track record of lowering litter pH and controlling ammonia.


No other litter amendment is as safe for birds, workers and the environment


Can be applied in any poultry house


Affordable, effective and easy to apply with any spreader


An environmentally-friendly, natural mineral acid

Litter Management Expertise

Explore our latest articles and videos developed to help address core environmental and health challenges.

Managing Ammonia Challenges After Litter Composting

While in-house composting of litter may have some advantages, it can also create extra challenges in providing a proper environment for good respiratory health.

Poultry House Preparation in Hot Weather

One of the biggest myths regarding house preparation during summer months is that a proper 48-hour pre-heat is not required since it only takes an hour or two to reach target litter temperature for chicks. In reality, proper litter curing requires a 48-hour pre-heat regardless of the time of year.

One Size Does Not Fit All: Understanding Application Rates for PLT®

Insufficient rates of PLT not based on litter conditions can lead to negative performance impacts due to higher ammonia levels.

Impact of Veggie Diets on Ammonia Production and Litter Conditions

The quality and composition of feed play a critical role in litter quality; the two are irrevocably linked.

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