The Value of PLT® Far Outweighs the Cost

PLT has been proven to help growers increase profits

Consistent quality. Predictable performance. Safe application – anytime.

PLT is a mineral-based acid made in the U.S.A. that lowers litter pH and eliminates ammonia for improved air quality.

Why do top growers chose PLT?

Reducing ammonia and litter pH improves bird performance

Ammonia can have severe detrimental effects on feed conversion and weight gain. Research has shown that exposing birds to 50 ppm of NH3 can reduce FCR by as much as 10 points.



Litter pH after PLT Application: Three Rates, Same Challenges

Litter pH after PLT Application: Three Rates, Same Challenges

Lowering pH Creates Favorable Environment for Birds

Growers target and reach a pH below 4 with PLT application.

“While we are still dealing with short down times that prevent me from completely eliminating the issues we are having, PLT has allowed to to move up in position 2 flocks in a row.”

– Nigel Irons, House of Raeford/Columbia Farms
Fuel Usage

PLT Lowers Fuel Costs

By allowing houses to be ventilated based on relative humidity rather than over-ventilating to remove ammonia, PLT reduces fuel costs. Using a rate sufficient for your ammonia challenge has been proven to decrease fuel use by 33-37%.

Results that are Easy to See

PLT works to lower pH to create a favorable environment for birds of every type, regardless of program (conventional, NAE, etc), and can be applied anytime – even with birds in the house.

PLT Increases Fertilizer Value of Litter

PLT increases the nutrient value of litter by retaining nitrogen and turning ammonia gas into fertilizer. Every 100 lbs. of PLT® applied generates 55 lbs. ammonium sulfate fertilizer.

Fertilizer total N percent 4
Fertilizer lbs SBS 4

Amount of retained Total Nitrogen. And NH4-N in broiler litter after three flocks on PLT usage on re-used litter.

When applied at a rate sufficient for litter conditions, the return on PLT is even greater

While higher application rates of PLT request a bigger up-front cost, the return more than makes up for it.

In a trial of more than 750,000 tray pack (6.3 lb) birds, using a sufficient vs insufficient rate of PLT for litter age and conditions, provided significant performance improvements. For two broiler houses growing a 6.50 bird, performance improvements would equate to significant profit gains.

Improvements Seen

  • 1 point feed conversion improvement
  • 7 point weight gain improvement
  • 1.15% livability increase

Grower Profit

  • Feed Conversion: 1.68 to 1.67 = $743 / flock
  • Weight Gain: 6.87 to 6.94 avg. weight = $1,115 / flock
  • Livability: 95.4% to 96.55% = $1,857.50 / flock

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