Other Litter Amendments Can Claim to Be the Same, but Nothing Stacks Up Against the Original

Poultry growers have options when it comes to controlling ammonia, but there are key differences between the most popular products on the market that can affect worker and bird safety, and product efficacy that are important to know. (especially with Poultry Guard)

Other litter amendments try ride our coat tails, simply saying they’re the same. But the fact is, PLT has earned the reputation it has because of its proven efficacy, safety, and dependability.

Backed by Decades of Research

Jones-Hamilton has invested significant resources to assess and analyze the impact of our product on the poultry production environment at various levels – something no other manufacturer can claim. From this work – in the field and at leading universities and renowned research facilities – we can confidently tell customers that PLT has unmatched safety and efficacy.

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What Makes PLT Better

Applying PLT at a sufficient rate to control more ammonia based on litter conditions can help
increase your net profit by lowering winter fuel costs. A study completed in both North and South
U.S. climates compared PLT application rates that were either too low or sufficient for litter
conditions and found that higher rates saved growers $600 – $1,200 per flock.

PLT eliminates ammonia and lowers pH better – and for longer – than the competition

PLT is the Only EPA Safer Choice Litter Amendment

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PLT is the Only Product that Can Be Safely Applied Any Time During the Flock


PLT Helps Growers Save Money on Fuel

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PLT Increases the Fertilizer Value of Litter

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PLT Supports Sustainability Efforts and Enables Carbon Credits

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Poultry Litter Amendments: The Basics

When we get down to basics on PLT versus Poultry Guard, you’ll notice a few key differences that significantly affect worker and bird safety.

PLT is a formulated product with an EPA Safer Choice designation that is biodegradable, all natural and non-hazardous. Poultry Guard is a bentonite clay coated with free sulfuric acid.

How PLT and Poultry Guard Stack Up in the Field

PLT - Poultry Litter Treatment

    • Safe to apply ANYTIME – even around birds (early application through end of flock)
    • No DOT placarding required
    • Formulated product that is tested for QA, consistent levels of active ingredient are ensured
    • No heavy metals

Poultry Guard

    • Hazardous and cannot be applied around birds; early application only option
    • Class 8 hazard placarding required
    • Levels of active ingredient may vary
    • Contains heavy metals

Risk is everywhere. Choose a litter amendment that helps you limit that risk – for birds, for business.

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