Ammonia Costs Producers Millions Due to Decreased Turkey and Broiler Feed Conversion

Studies have shown that at levels of 50-75 PPM, ammonia can reduce food consumption, growth rate and carcass quality.  When you consider that one point of turkey or broiler feed conversion can make a million dollar impact, it’s easy to see that minimizing the impact of ammonia on feed conversion is vital.

In an independent study, a commercial broiler complex in the Southeast raising large (7.0 lb) and small (4.5 lb) birds evaluated the economic and performance benefits of PLT®-poultry litter treatment and a competitive product. Both products were applied at the proper rate for litter age in the brood chamber. After evaluation of the 43.9 million birds included in this demonstration, it was shown that when raised on PLT, broiler feed conversion improved by 0.02 on large birds and 0.04 on small birds. The significant difference was consistent with production loss due to ammonia exposure.

In this case, the broiler feed conversion improvement alone netted the producer a return of $2.7 million per year over the cost of PLT ($305,000).

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