Enhance Worker Safety by Limiting Exposure to Irritants

At Jones-Hamilton Co., we understand house preparation, litter management and brooding better than anyone in the business. That means we understand the hazards they present to workers. Ammonia in poultry houses can be a health hazard to workers as well as birds.

When inhaled, ammonia is irritating and corrosive. It can cause nose and throat irritations at low levels, burning of the nose, throat and respiratory tract, and even respiratory distress at extremely high levels.

Many people in the industry assume that ammonia’s odor provides adequate early warning of its presence. However, our experience at Jones-Hamilton has taught us that most people don’t detect ammonia until it gets above 40 PPM. Plus, due to constant exposure many growers become desensitized to ammonia’s presence—not recognizing high levels until they are well above healthy levels.

We recommend using ammonia detection equipment to accurate determine the amount of ammonia present—especially when no ammonia is thought to be present by smell alone. Also, while we recommend keeping houses closed between flocks to maximize the ammonia purge, it’s vital to always ventilate when workers are present in the house.

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