Quick Tips for Mixing PWT or LS-PWT2

The most important thing is to make sure that PWT® or LS-PWT is mixed evenly from top to bottom in the stock solution container. If the stock solution is very concentrated at the bottom but weak at the top, the PWT® may crystallize.

  • Add the correct amount of PWT® or LS-PWT for your water source to the stock solution bucket. Begin to add water at a high pressure to dissolve the PWT® or LS-PWT, agitating the water as you go.
  • Stir the stock solution well to make sure the PWT® or LS-PWT dissolves and goes into solution.
  • Once the product is in solution, use a ladle or something similar to pull water from the bottom to the top of the container to make sure the concentration is even all over. This also ensures that the birds are getting a proper and consistent dose.
  • If mixing large quantities of PWT® or LS-PWT, you can also dissolve in a small amount of water first and then slowly add the liquid solution to the stock container as it is being filled with water