Quick Tips for Poultry House Clean Out

When it’s time for poultry house clean out and litter replacement, keep these 6 easy tips in mind to maximize success with the next flock.

  1. Remove all litter down to the dirt pad as close to the time the last flock leaves as possible.
  2. Remove litter from corners and under sidewalls by hand if necessary.
  3. Be sure to remove ALL litter from the house during clean out.  Any litter left in the poultry house generates ammonia for the next flock.
  4. Let the dirt pad dry for several days before putting in replacement litter.
  5. Consider acidifying the pad with PLT® if the houses are more than 5 years old or if it has been more than 2 years since your last pad acidification. The dirt pad absorbs ammonia that is released during brooding.
  6. Apply at least 4 inches of wood based bedding or 6 inches of rice hulls on the pad. Skimping on litter depth causes multiple problems and headaches that are easiest to prevent with sufficient bedding at the beginning.

Want to know more? Learn more about good poultry house clean out practices and the importance of pad acidification. Still have questions? Contact your local Jones-Hamilton rep to discuss your questions about house clean out and litter management.