Importance of Poultry House Pre-Heating

Proper pre-heating of the poultry house environment is essential to maximizing flock performance. Pre-heating raises the core temperature of the litter bed, which increases ammonia volatilization and water evaporation. Ideally, this occurs before litter amendment application and chick placement to ensure the best litter and house conditions through the brooding period.



Contact us with questions on pre-heating or reach out to your local Jones-Hamilton representative to schedule a litter management education session at your complex.

Impact and Result of an Insufficient Pre-Heat


High rate of ammonia and litter moisture purge after chick placement


Reduced longevity of litter amendment effectiveness, and increased poultry house humidity

Higher litter moisture content at chick placement

Litter caking earlier during the grow-out, which can decrease paw quality and increase the chances of bird health challenges

Low core litter temperature (core = all material more than two inches under surface)

Chick huddling at placement, birds slow to start eating and drinking

Cold water in drinker lines

Water may be too cold for chicks and cause huddling.

1 Water consumption has been shown to increase by 6% for every 1.8°F increase in air temperature between 68-89°F and by 5% for every 1.8°F increase in air temperature between 89-100°F.