Manage Litter Between Flocks to Maximize Litter Amendment Effectiveness

The process of managing poultry litter doesn’t end just because the house is empty. In fact, how you manage your litter and house conditions between flocks can make a huge difference on the performance of your next flock and the effectiveness of your litter amendment.

In this video series Q&A, Dr. Joey Bray, Technical Support Representative in the Jones-Hamilton Agricultural Division, shares his key tips to successfully manage poultry litter between flocks so that your ammonia control, litter moisture and PLT effectiveness all reach optimum levels.

You say to start managing litter immediately after removal of the previous flock; what does that entail?

Without a proper pre-heat procedure, what can an integrator expect from their grower’s performance?

You say “you don’t want pretty litter.” What does that mean exactly?

Improper product application and poor litter preparation is a large reason for product failure. What are the main things to look for to ensure product effectiveness?

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