Texas Poultry Grower on PLT Benefits

For nearly 28 years, almost as long as PLT has been around, Manuel Soto has grown his broilers with the help of PLT – Poultry Litter Treatment. Manuel is a top grower focused on ensuring his birds are given the optimal environment to thrive. Poultry litter management is a key aspect to his routine, and he continues to learn about how to leverage litter management for bird health and performance.

Can’t watch the video right now? Read the transcript of Manuel’s interview below:


My name Manuel Soto live here in Texas. Growing birds for the past, 27 – 28 years. The first year we didn’t do anything. I didn’t know about litter treatments. But on the second winter that we started using PLT, our performance got really good, we stay at the top.

If you don’t use litter amendment, ammonia levels will be there. They’re not going to perform well. If you use litter amendment you don’t have to ventilate as much. It’s really less cost on your utilities, propane, especially when it’s so expensive.

The birds that we’re raising right now, you cannot over ventilate. They can’t take too much ventilation.

I have had some trouble with dermatitis. The mortality would go up anywhere to, 200 birds per day on a 300 ft house. We’ll put the PLT down on the top of the birds and it don’t get any higher. It stops there and then two days are back to normal. I’ve seen that too many times to say it just happened because the birds was going to get well. I think PLT did it. You can’t do that with A7. It’s liquid.

But I can tell you this.  The PLT is one of my favorites. It always has been. Especially now that I’ve learned about what PLT is doing to bacteria. Even if it won’t kill it, it’s going to suppress to where give the birds a good chance to get going. Even if it’s a little bit more expensive, I’m going to use PLT, like I have used for the past many years.