A Seasoned Technical Team

Leading the Litter
Management Discussion


Technical Support from
Industry Thought Leaders

Jones-Hamilton Co. brought the industry’s first ever litter amendment to the market in 1994. Since that time, we have continued to take our role as thought leader seriously as evidenced in our continuous investment in ongoing research and unmatched technical support.

The members of our technical team know litter management and have served as some of the leading voices on the subject – in university-level instruction, peer-reviewed journals and more.

When you choose PLT litter amendment, you receive support from these leaders in the form of presentations, on-farm litter management consultations, education and more.

Shared Ownership

Take a minute to get to know the members of our technical team, and reach out to discuss your litter management program.

Joey Bray, Ph.D.

Dr. Joey Bray is a Technical Support Representative for Jones-Hamilton Co.  Prior to joining Jones-Hamilton, he served as Department Chair, Professor and Director of Poultry Science and other roles at Stephen F. Austin State University for 20 years. His applied research programs focused on poultry litter and water management, as well as the effects of various feed additives on broiler performance.

During his time at Stephen F. Austin, Bray managed 50 granted-funded research studies on a variety of litter, water and feed treatments, was published in 11 peer reviewed manuals, and directed 43 graduate students at various levels.

Bray has also served on the boards of several industry associations, including the Agricultural Consortium of Texas and the Southern Poultry Science Society. He received his B.S. and M.S. from Stephen F. Austin State University, and his Ph.D. in Poultry Management from Texas A&M University.

Joey Bray

Craig D. Coufal, Ph.D.

Dr. Craig D. Coufal is a Research and Technical Services Manager for Jones-Hamilton Co.  Prior to joining Jones-Hamilton, he served as an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Poultry Science at Texas A&M University for 13 years. His extension and applied research programs focused on poultry litter and waste management, development of strategies and management practices to minimize the potential for environmental impact from poultry production systems, and egg sanitization.

During his time at Texas A&M, Coufal conducted grant-funded research on litter amendments for 13 different corporations, giving him unique insight on the efficacy of competitive products.  He has co-authored nearly three dozen published peer-reviewed journal articles and has been invited to speak at numerous industry events around the United States and internationally  to share his expertise on poultry litter and waste management.

Coufal also served as an Extension Specialist with the Mississippi State University Poultry Science Department from 2006 to 2008.  He received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Poultry Science from Texas A&M University.


Juan C. Suarez, PhD

Dr. Juan Suarez is Division Manager of the Animal Nutritional Health Division. He has the distinction of serving in both commercial and technical roles in his career. Suarez joined JH in 2017 as a Territory Manager in the Agricultural Division, where he focused on poultry litter management education and sales and support of Ag division products, PLT® and LS-PWT2. He was later promoted to Senior Poultry Scientist before his current role.

Suarez has participated in technical services, research and account management roles, gaining experience from around the U.S. and Latin America in poultry nutrition, litter management practices and poultry production. He has also served on multiple committees within the poultry industry related to regulatory, technical and environmental affairs.

Dr. Suarez has authored articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented at multiple seminars across Latin America on the relationship between poultry nutrition and litter quality. He earned a Ph.D. in Poultry Science with a focus on poultry nutrition from Texas A&M. His research focused on the use of vitamin D and mineral acids in broilers subjected to coccidiosis challenge. Suarez is currently responsible for product development and management of domestic and international sales for animal feed products, AFG and SBS Pet™.