Save Money with a
Healthier Environment

Reduce Bedding Costs, Support Hoof Health

We understand that milk quality and herd performance begins with clean, comfortable dairy cows. That’s why we’re proud to help dairy producers address several environmental issues with a single product: ParlorPal™ – General Purpose Acidulant.


Reduce Bedding Cost by Extending Its Longevity

Dairy cattle barns are a major source of ammonia (NH3) emissions to the atmosphere. But it’s not just an emissions issue. The presence of ammonia can decrease herd performance and create a hazardous working environment. By applying ParlorPal™ to bedding in the free stalls or calf pens, dairy producers can:

  • Eliminate ammonia and its associated risks
  • Reduce bedding costs by prolonging its use

Happy Cows Stand on Healthy Hooves

Hoof health is vital to the profitability of a dairy. When installed and maintained according to best practices, footbaths play an important role in preventing infectious hoof diseases, which can reduce lameness and its costly effects.

While there are many products on the market, ParlorPal™ offers the added benefits.


Strong mineral acid maintains lower pH for longer

Effective in all temperatures

Dry, granular product that will not freeze


No carcinogens, No heavy metals to accumulate in your lagoon, No negative environmental effects

Compatible with other programs

Can replace copper sulfate; but when used in combination, improves the availability of copper sulfate

Decades of Research and Support from a Trusted Partner

When conditions deteriorate and solutions are needed immediately, the industry depends on Jones-Hamilton Co. We’re more than a litter amendment manufacturer. We’re the original litter amendment manufacturer and we consistently deliver:

  • Expert advice that improves performance
  • Formative education that drives the industry forward

Learn what a difference we can make for your production environment, your revenue and your image.

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