Acidifier for Bedding and Footbaths on Dairy Farms, Goat/Sheep Farms, Feed Lots and More

General Purpose Acidifier

Eliminate Ammonia, Lower pH in Livestock Operations

ParlorPal® provides a safe, effective and affordable solution to control ammonia and lower pH in livestock operations. As the strongest dry mineral acid available, ParlorPal activates immediately to neutralize ammonia, provide residual ammonia and odor control, and create a low pH environment in bedding and footbath water.

Why Choose ParlorPal

Dairy and livestock producers choose ParlorPal because it is safe, flexible, sustainable and affordable.

Support a Safe Environment for Animals and Workers

ParlorPal (sodium bisulfate) is the safest, most effective mineral acid on the market. Not only is sodium bisulfate on the EPA’s Safer Choice List of Chemicals, it eliminates ammonia to help create a safer environment for animals and workers. No ammonia means less stress and production losses due to compromised animal respiratory systems.

One Product, Diverse Applications

ParlorPal is a dry, granular acid that can be applied directly to bedding or mixed with water and used in footbaths. It is suitable for use across dairy and livestock operations for hoof care and bedding management in calf pens and free stalls.

Decrease Operating Costs

With its low addition rate, ParlorPal eliminates ammonia and creates a low pH environment - and keeps it low for longer - to extend bedding use and maximize the efficacy of footbath water.

Safe and Sustainable pH Reduction

ParlorPal (sodium bisulfate) is an environmentally-friendly, mineral acid that is free of heavy metals (copper or zinc) and toxins. Upon activation, it breaks down into elements naturally found in the environment. By eliminating ammonia, ParlorPal reduces environmental emissions and removes worries about soil contamination.

Where to Use ParlorPal

Dairy producers use ParlorPal in footbaths, free stalls and calf hutches.


Footbaths for Hoof Care

Hoof care solution that replaces copper sulfate and formaldehyde


Free Stall Barns

Eliminate ammonia to lower stress on animals and reduce bedding costs


Calf Hutches

Eliminate ammonia stress and help control flies


Goat and Sheep Bedding

Eliminate ammonia and lower pH in bedding on goat and sheep farms, including lambing and kidding pens.


Algae Growth

Remove algae growth from concrete in the milking parlor or other areas

ParlorPal Resources

The team at Jones-Hamilton Co. are known as experts on acidification. Explore our library of resources to find insights on maximizing product benefits, best practices for application and more.

Surface application of ParlorPal to dairy slurry has been shown to significantly reduce ammonia, methanol and ethanol emissions.
Learn more about ParlorPal, a natural mineral acid that lowers the pH of bedding, manure and footbath water to create a safer environment for animals and workers.
Get to know ParlorPal, en espanol
ParlorPal es un ácido mineral natural que reduce el pH del lecho, el estiércol y el agua del pediluvio para crear un entorno más seguro para los animales y los trabajadores.

ParlorPal Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How can an effective footbath help my profitability?

Economic analysis of dairy cow foot health has estimated that lameness can result in a 30% loss in milk production returns per cow. Use of ParlorPal in footbaths costs only pennies per cow.

Why does it matter what I put in my footbath?

Many of the products used in footbaths are selected from “customary practices”. Copper sulfate and zinc sulfate are not labeled for footbath application – they have become widely used because no effective alternative products were available, until now.

Why should I trust that ParlorPal is safe?

ParlorPal has been used in Western U.S. dairies for over 8 years. ParlorPal is manufactured in our plant in Walbridge, Ohio to ISO 9000 quality standards to assure composition and content. ParlorPal is classified as non-hazardous and is used in animal feeds and for human consumption. University trials have confirmed the safety of ParlorPal used as a footbath or in bedding applications.

Why use ParlorPal in place of acidified copper sulfate (ACS)?

“ACS” is a blend of copper sulfate and citric acid, a weak carbon-chain acid. The “citric acid-copper” product cannot maintain footbath pH at critical levels. Also, heavy metals (copper or zinc) can still accumulate in your lagoon.

Is ParlorPal safe for the environment?

The major component in ParlorPal is composed of sodium, hydrogen and sulfur (no heavy metals).

How does ParlorPal’s cost compare to copper sulfate?

Copper sulfate’s cost varies greatly as does availability. Depending on current pricing for copper sulfate, ParlorPal may cost only 1/3 as much.

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