Safe, effective solutions for animal agriculture


Jones-Hamilton Ag supports safe, sustainable and profitable animal production that everyone from the producer to the consumer can feel good about.

Problems We Help Solve

Whether you're a poultry grower or a chicken wing aficionado, Jones-Hamilton Ag helps make animal production better for farmers, companies, consumers and birds.
Explore the ways our animal agriculture solutions help you.


Ammonia Control

Eliminate the ammonia that is harmful to bird health, performance and welfare.

Lower Fuel Costs

Better ammonia control decreases fuel usage and saves money.


Reduce ammonia, VOC and greenhouse gas emissions with the use of PLT.


PLT helps reduce paw lesions to increase profits and improve welfare.

Bird Health & Welfare

Bind ammonia to reduce health challenges and improve bird welfare.


Jones-Hamilton Ag supports a safe environment for birds and workers.

Fertilizer Value

PLT makes poultry litter more valuable as a fertilizer source.

pH Control

PLT lowers pH to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and create a better environment.

Feed Costs

By eliminating ammonia, PLT helps feed go further, thereby reducing costs.

Jobs / Role

Poultry Grower

We help poultry growers create a safe, more profitable environment.

Integrator - Complex

Safe and consistent ammonia control that keeps complexes more profitable

Integrator - Corporate

Boost animal welfare and further sustainability initiatives while increasing revenue.

Dairy Producer

We help dairy producers reduce bedding costs and improve hoof health.

Poultry Consumers

Peace of mind knowing the poultry you enjoy is raised in a healthy environment.