pH Control
in Poultry Litter

Lower pH to Eliminate Odor-Causing Bacteria in Poultry Litter

PLT is a dry, granular acid with a consistent formula that reliably lowers pH of poultry litter without adding additional moisture to the environment. It has been proven to lower pH better and for longer than the competition.

What does this say for the safety of PLT?

PLT Lowers pH To Create A Favorable Environment For Birds

By shifting pH, PLT converts ammonia (harmful, corrosive gas) into a nonvolatile, non-gaseous form (ammonium) and keeps it trapped in litter, not in the air.

The result is better bird performance, improved bird health and greater profitability.

Apply PLT to reach a target pH below a 4.0.

Understanding pH

Want the basics on pH? Watch the video below for a simple explanation.

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