Production Solutions
to Aid Profitability

If the choice isn’t PLT®, it’s costing you performance and profitability

You’re challenged with increasing revenue while keeping live costs low. Countless research studies and nearly 30 years of on-farm use have proven that PLT litter amendment safely and consistently lowers pH and eliminates ammonia for better bird performance and increased profitability.

PLT Poultry Litter Treatment

Think PLT costs more? Think again.

More managers choose PLT because of its ability to deliver results. PLT controls ammonia every time, in any situation or program, and our team provides unparalleled expertise you can count on.


No variation in manufacturing or purity means predictable product efficacy


The safety and efficacy of PLT can support short downtimes


PLT is the only amendment safe enough to apply before, during or after growout, and it’s safe to transport and handle

Expert Support

When challenges arise on farms, our team troubleshoots environmental challenges and delivers grower education programs

Expertise You Can Count On

When challenges arise on farms, the industry depends on the experts at Jones-Hamilton Co. to:

  • Troubleshoot environmental challenges
  • Deliver grower education programs

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