PLT Increases
Nutrient Value

Poultry Litter as a Fertilizer is More Valuable with PLT®

PLT increases the nutrient value of litter by retaining nitrogen and turning ammonia gas into fertilizer. For every 100 lbs. of PLT applied, 55 lbs. of ammonium sulfate fertilizer is generated.

This formation of ammonium sulfate is non reversible, so nitrogen in the litter won’t be released even as the pH increases1. Over time, this can double the ammonium nitrogen content of your poultry litter.

PLT use for ten consecutive flocks increased the Ammonium-N to an average of 6809 PPM compared to 2969 PPM in untreated litter, greatly reducing the need for supplemental nitrogen.

Creating More Valuable Poultry Litter, One Application at a Time

In a study conducted at the University of Georgia, consecutive use of PLT for three flocks showed more value for litter as a fertilizer:

Increase in the amount of retained Total Nitrogen
Increase in the total NH4-N retained in the litter

[1] Ullman, et al., 2004

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