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Explore ParlorPal application details for dairy, feed yards, sheep and goats.
Get to know this versatile acidifier and how it can help your dairy farm, goat or sheep farm, or feed lot (and more).
Hear how Dr Smith uses ParlorPal to control dairy ammonia while lowering bedding cost.
ParlorPal es un ácido mineral natural que reduce el pH del lecho, el estiércol y el agua del pediluvio para crear un entorno más seguro para los animales y los trabajadores.
Get to know ParlorPal, en espanol
Learn more about ParlorPal, a natural mineral acid that lowers the pH of bedding, manure and footbath water to create a safer environment for animals and workers.
Surface application of ParlorPal to dairy slurry has been shown to significantly reduce ammonia, methanol and ethanol emissions.

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