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Ammonia and Environmental Regulations

Ammonia plays a considerable role in environmental considerations for every poultry producer. Fortunately, as a top poultry solution, PLT®-litter amendment provides several environmental benefits.

The use of PLT is consistent with the USDA/EPA Unified National Strategy for Animal Feeding Operations, which states that, “Manure should be handled and treated to reduce the loss of nutrients to the atmosphere during storage, to make the material a more stable fertilizer when land-applied or to reduce pathogens, vector attraction and odors, as appropriate.”

In addition to eliminating ammonia in poultry houses, thereby eliminating emissions into the atmosphere, PLT is a flexible poultry solution that:

  • Reduces the loss of nutrients to the atmosphere during storage. PLT binds ammonia and converts it to ammonium sulfate, which will not be released in the gaseous phase during storage.
  • Makes the litter a more stable fertilizer. By converting ammonia into ammonium sulfate, PLT increases the stability of and the amount of the nitrogen in the litter during land application for improved N: P ratio.
  • Reduces odors. PLT binds ammonia which greatly diminishes the odor emanating from the manure.

We provide safe, economical and environmentally friendly products that help manage some of the most significant issues the poultry industry faces. Have questions? Find the representative nearest you or call (888) 858-4425 for help with any of our products.

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