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Turn Potential Problems into Profits with Effective Poultry Litter Management

For poultry producers, poultry litter can be a best friend or a worst enemy. As a living organism, the floor can present high challenge to birds. Without proper litter management, you could be setting your birds up for failure—even before placement.

The way the industry approaches poultry litter management has changed drastically in the past 20 years, but many of the same practices remain. However, with some simple adjustments to daily litter management practices and the adoption of slightly revised processes in between flocks to manage the cumulative effect of litter management, potential problems can be turned into profits.

  • Ammonia control. Ammonia levels as low as 25 PPM put unnecessary stress on birds which significantly reduces their growth potential. Learn how ammonia is affecting your flocks.
  • Feed conversion. On average, one point of feed conversion equals one to one and a half million dollars. Are litter management practices undermining your efforts to reduce feed costs?
  • Moisture & relative humidity (RH%) control. The amount of moisture in poultry bedding affects performance, health and even fuel costs. Ideally, moisture levels should not exceed 25-30% and RH% should be managed constantly between 50-70%. Learn how to manage moisture and RH% in poultry houses.
  • Ventilation. Proper house ventilation is the primary and one of the most basic means available to maintain good litter quality and proper poultry litter management.
  • De-caking. Anywhere excessive moisture is present, litter caking occurs. How you manage it can greatly affect bird health and performance.
  • Energy costs and efficiencies. Soaring propane costs makes finding energy efficiencies more vital than ever. Do you know what’s costing you unnecessary dollars?

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