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Jones-Hamilton Co. Acquires FarmLab Innovations

By | Noticias
Jones-Hamilton Co. expanded its agriculture-focused product offering with the recent acquisition of FarmLab Innovations, LLC from Piedmont Chemical Industries. “We are excited about the products and experienced personnel that FarmLab brings to Jones-Hamilton and believe our synergistic relationship will enable...
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PLT® Litter Amendment Celebrates 25 Years

By | News, PLT
Product Created in Response to Production Model Shift PLT® litter amendment, the product created to mitigate the ammonia challenge and safely lower pH emerging from the industry’s move to built-up litter, celebrates its 25th anniversary this fall. “Maintaining our position...
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The Birth of Litter Management

By | Noticias, PLT
How One Company Defined Industry Standard Practices In the mid-1980s, litter management didn’t really exist. It didn’t need to. Shavings were inexpensive and were replaced with each new flock. The majority of the industry had large curtain side walls with...
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Then vs Now of Litter Management

By | News, PLT
Twenty-five years ago, poultry litter didn’t have to be managed. It was cleaned out after every flock. Today, growing birds on built-up litter—be it multiple flocks or multiple years—is standard, making the management of that litter a vital part of...
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